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General purpose, high performance and ultracentrifuges that provide superior quality, reproducibility and reliable performance.

Benchtop Centrifuges

    • Allegra X-14

      Allegra X-14

      Meet your evolving application needs with refrigerated and controlled temperature models

      • 3.0 Liter maximum capacity
      • 10,200 RPM
      • 11,400 x g
      • Up to 3.0 Liters
      • BioCertified* for security from contamination
      • ARIES™ Smart Balance Rotor System for faster setup and run times
      • Versatile rotor accommodates tubes, bottles and microplates


    • Allegra X-15R

      Allegra X-15R

      Allegra X-15R—Spin samples faster with the best swinging bucket in the industry

      Spin up-to three liters at 5,250 x g and process up-to 148 tubes per cycle with the Allegra® X-15R centrifuge system—ideal for high-throughput labs.

      • Powerful built-in refrigeration system cools faster and maintains temperature even at maximum speed
      • ARIESTM Smart Balance Rotor system auto-detects and corrects up-to 50 grams of imbalance to reduce mid-run interruptions, save time and extend system performance
      • All rotors, covers and canisters are BioCertified* to contain potentially harmful aerosols and maintain lab safety
      • 3.0 Liter maximum capacity 
      • 10,200 RPM
      • 11,400 x g
      • 1-3 Liter

    • Allegra X-30

      Allegra X-30

      Allegra® X-30 Series Benchtop Centrifuges provide excellent performance and easy operation in a compact design that saves valuable time and laboratory space. 
      • Highest speed and g-force in its class
      • Simple and quick run setup 
      • Flexible with extensive rotor library for multiple applications
      • Compact Design – Only 18" wide (46cm) 
      • BioCertified* swinging-bucket and fixed-angle rotors

    • Allegra 25R

      Allegra 25R

      Versatility for all your DNA prep needs

      From bacteria and yeast pelleting to isolation, purification and post reaction clean-up, the Allegra® 25R Centrifuge offers versatility in handling all of your DNA prep needs.

      • 2.0 Liter maximum capacity
      • 15,000 RPM
      • 25,160 x g
      • 1-3 Liter

    • Allegra 6

      Allegra 6

      Reliability simplified

      • Designed for high-volume labs
      • 3.0 L max capacity
      • 6,100 RPM
      • 5,710 x g
      • 1-3 Liter
      • Available in refrigerated/ambient benchtop options and refrigerated knee-well models

    • Allegra X-12

      Allegra X-12

      Streamlined separations

      Whether harvesting cells or separating blood components, Allegra® X-12 Series centrifuge systems are designed to simplify your separation processes and save time.

      • 3.0 Liter maximum capacity'
      • 10,200 RPM
      • 11,400 x g
      • 1-3 Liter
      • Ideal for streamlining general separations, clearing debris, isolating mononuclear cells or pelleting mammalian cells

    • Allegra X-5

      Allegra X-5

      Precision performance for the clinical laboratory

      • Air-cooled benchtop centrifuge
      • Reliable performance under the most exacting standards for virtually any clinical sample prep
      • Quick run setup with convenient, pre-bundled packages
        • Including swinging bucket rotors and common adapters (optional adapters also available)
      • Ideal for serum, plasma and whole blood sample processing, protein precipitate, particulate and cell sedimentation; in-vitro cytotoxicity and receptor binding sample processing
      • Conforms to the latest clinical and safety standards

    • Allegra 64R

      Allegra 64R

      Outstanding high-speed performance in a compact design 

      Designed for reliability and consistent results, the Allegra® 64R benchtop centrifuge performs high-speed separations at a fraction of the footprint.
      • 64,400 x g (30,000 rpm)
      • Fast acceleration and deceleration times for quicker spins
      • Ideal for subcellular fractionation, protein isolation and purification, viruses and phase extractions. 


    • Microfuge 16

      Microfuge 16

      Perform a wide variety of routine sample processes and micro-volume protocols with the ultra-compact Beckman Coulter Microfuge 16.  This microprocessor-controlled mini benchtop centrifuge generates centrifugal forces required for a wide variety of applications. 


    • Microfuge 20

      Microfuge 20

      Speed and versatility in a compact footprint

      Fast, cool and versatile, the high-performance Microfuge® 20 Series are precisely designed to meet a wide variety of application needs including,
      • Nucleic acid and protein preparation
      • Pelleting, extractions
      • Purifications
      • Concentrations
      • Phase separations and receptor binding
      • Rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, particulates and cell debris.
      Paired with Beckman Coulter Microfuge Series rotors, this mini-centrifuge series offers you all the flexibility you need for your separation protocols.  

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