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General purpose, high performance and ultracentrifuges that provide superior quality, reproducibility and reliable performance.


    • Optima XPN

      Optima XPN

      Speed and performance for your high performance processing applications

      With networking capability and customizable security and tracking features to ensure chain of custody and compliance, the Optima™ XPN offers multi-layered BioSafety* features for a safe and productive work environment.

      • Available in 100k, 90k, and 80k RPM configurations
      • Compatible with extensive rotor and labware options
      • Backed backed by unparalleted service program options

    • Optima XE

      Optima XE

      Practicality and performance for any lab

      With all the features you expect, along with many advanced functions you won’t find anywhere else, the OptimaTM XE simplifies use while offering secure loading for efficient, worry-free separations. With an intelligent user interface, multi-layered biosafety features and efficient energy use, the Optima XE is an ideal choice for virtually any lab. 

      Designed as a total system, Optima instruments, rotors and labware are designed, manufactured and tested as an integrated system for optimal performance and safety.


    • Optima MAX-XP

      Optima MAX-XP

      The latest in tabletop ultracentrifuge technology

      The OptimaTM MAX-XP tabletop ultracentrifuge is a power-packed solution that delivers fast, efficient separations from samples as small as 175 μl up to 32.4 ml and at speeds of up to 150,000 RPM and more than 1,000,000 x g.

      Every detail of the Optima MAX-XP is designed with the user in mind–from the system's compact design, versatility and quiet operation to advanced multi-lingual software.

    • Optima MAX-TL

      Optima MAX-TL

      Uncomplicated, Uncompromised Performance

      Reach the speeds you need for your separation demands with this compact, quiet and highly efficient tabletop ultracentrifuge.

      Packed with advanced technology yet simple to operate, the OptimaTM MAX-TL runs on multi-lingual software offering labs around the world greater efficiency and confidence in results.  For added versatility, the MAX-TL ultracentrifuge is compatible with the existing Beckman Coulter TL-Series rotors and labware.

    • Airfuge Air-Driven

      Airfuge Air-Driven

      Process lipemic samples with the Airfuge Air Driven Ultracentrifuge

      The Airfuge® Air-Driven ultracentrifuge offers a simple, rapid method for removing chylomicrons (fat particles in lipemic samples) for accurate lipemic clarification results.  

      Lipemic samples can be cleaned in 10 minutes, eliminating the need for time-consuming send-outs.

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