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Biomek Tips & Consumables

Biomek Pipette Tips

  • Biomek Pipette Tips

    Biomek Pipette Tips are the only tips on the market that are validated and approved for use on Biomek Automated Workstations. Our tips are available in volume capacities from 0.5 μl to a full 1 ml. The Biomek software is preloaded with color-coded tip rack icons, tip definitions, and pipetting techniques to help streamline your method development.

    In addition, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences offers biological certifications such as human and mouse DNA-free, DNase/RNase-free, Trace Metals-free, and Pyrogen/Endotoxin-free, and are made only from 100% premium-grade virgin polypropylene. Sterile tips are sterilized with ethylene oxide, a process that has shown to be superior to radiation, especially when working with nucleic acids.

  • Microplates & Reservoirs

  • Microplates & Reservoirs

    Biomek 96-well assay and storage plates are specifically designed to meet the standards set forth by the ANSI/SBS to ensure compatibility with microplate equipment and automated laboratory instrumentation. From modular reservoirs that hold bulk reagents to active recirculating reservoirs, our product offerings have been designed to meet your workflow needs.

  • Tube Racks & Inserts

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