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Cell Sizing and Processing

    • Multisizer 3

      Multisizer 3

      Since the introduction of the Multisizer 3 in 2001, it has remained a workhorse instrument of cell and particle analysis labs around the world.

      Offering particle detection with an overall cell size range of 0.4 um to 1,200 um the Multisizer 3 offers great flexibility for most routine applications.

    • Multisizer 4e

      Multisizer 4e

      The Multisizer 4e COULTER COUNTER is a highly versatile particle counting and characterization system.

      It utilizes the Coulter Principle to detect particles via electrical zone sensing regardless of the nature or optical properties of the particle. As such the Multisizer 4e is an ideal tool for detecting and counting a wide variety of particles such as mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast, abrasives, toner particles, cell aggregates, spheroids and even large protein aggregates.

      In addition to counting particle density the Multisizer 4e also determines the particle volume and shape. Change in cell volume, for example, is an important factor involved in many biological processes such as Cell Growth, Cell Cycles, Cell Death, Compensation for Osmotic Stress, Pathogenesis and Phagocytosis.

    • Vi-CELL MetaFLEX

      Vi-CELL MetaFLEX

      Fast, Low Sample Volume, Reliable

      Measuring samples as small as 65 uL and returning results in just 35 seconds, our new Vi-CELL MetaFLEX™ bioanalyte analyzer evaluates pH, pO2, pCO2, glucose, lactate, electrolytes and more. With less maintenance, more reliability and a surprisingly small footprint, it’s a sophisticated research solution that profiles test samples quickly, easily and accurately—keeping your test cell cultures in balance, viable and growing.

      Vi-CELL MetaFLEX is available in selected geographies. Please check with your Beckman Coulter representative for availability.

    • Vi-CELL XR

      Vi-CELL XR

      The Vi-CELL™ Cell Counter for Cell Viability Analyzer provides an automatic means to perform the trypan blue dye exclusion method, allowing users to load up to 10 samples at once for easy and automated cell viability analysis. The cellular analysis system can be customized to ensure consistent and accurate cell counts for simple systems such as CHO cells and more complex samples such as yeast.

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    • Z Series Coulter Counter

      Z Series Coulter Counter

      Precision, speed and versatility

      Accurately count cells or particles (1-120 microns) with the Electrical Zone Method (EMZ) known as the Coulter Principle.

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